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 Regular Rental of Personalised Lawn Sign 
 & 25 Ornaments $95.00   –   in London, Ont.







H.B. Yard Card.  $50.00 delivered & setup

  banner card

for party guests to sign

$15.00 with sign

Personalised Anniversary Lawn Signs with 25 hearts are three day rentals for $110.00

The blue (boy) and pink (girl) storks come with a name & info sign (that part is a keepsake). It’s rents for five days for $85.00 

   Regular rental of personalized Lawn (1 –  8)  and up to 25 Ornaments of your choice.         Delivered and setup about midnight the night before,so it’s ready for a morning surprise. Then it stays until the night of the occasion day.

City of  London, Ontario       $95.00

  Outside London

The calculation is $1.00/Km from London edge + Regular London rate.
  (no farm homes with dogs)