Lawn Banner Samples & Selections

 Banner sayings you can consider for your occasion  

  • B4     Baba Boom Baba Bing ________ is doing the __ thing! Happy Birthday!

  • B5     ______ is __ perfect 10s. Happy Birthday!

  • B6     Holy Sh*t you’re old! Happy Birthday _______!

  • B7     Age is a number, and yours is unlisted. Happy Birthday ________!

  • B8     Happy 29th Birthday _______, for the ___ time!

  • B9     You are fabulous. You are smart. You are old. Happy Birthday ___________!

  • B10     It’s time for your annual raise… in age! Happy Birthday!

  • B11     Ain’t it nifty ______ is fifty! Happy Birthday!

  • B12     Lordy Lordy look who’s 40! Happy Birthday ___________!

  • B13     Fine as wine, ______ is 29!

  • B14     Happy 13th Anniversary of your 29th Birthday!