* Back Yard Parties

* Parties at the Cottage

* At the park

option #1 – London
We deliver to your address and leave all the letters in one pile on you front step. Then you set them up where you want. 

$20.00 with         regular       rental or $40.00/day with no other rental

          +                                        (deposit)                         

$45.00/weekend + $30.00 deposit 

option # 2 – London. 
We set up the letters on your front lawn

$55.00/Day or $65.00/weekend + $30.00 deposit


option # 3 –

Ontario Shipping

We ship them along with a return shipping label. It’s scheduled to arrives two days before your occasion date then you send it back two days after your occasion.


$125.00 plus shipping  ($50 .00 & up)