Happy Birthday Letters Request Form


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Happy Faces        Teddy Bears

Shoes     Flamingos     Hearts

Skunks     Dinosaurs     Penguins

Cows    Candles    Pigs



Happy Birthday Letters: includes up to 25 ornaments, delivery within City of London, set up, and take down, one day rental


Happy Birthday Letters only: includes delivery within City of London, set up, and take down, one day rental



$0.50 each additional 2D Ornament

$1.00 each additional 3D Ornament

$20.00 each additional day

$20.00 additional for requests less than 24 hours notice.

$20.00-$50.00 additional for customized sign $20.00 each 

$0.40 per km, per trip, from the City of London limits *distance based off City of London map and Google maps distance 


Please note, we respond only via email to help reduce errors.

*We will not deliver to farm homes with loose dogs.

**Please be aware that although we try our best to be quiet, sometimes dogs can hear us and ruin the surprise.

***Signs are delivered and setup between approximately 12am-4am, on day of request unless otherwise arranged. Rentals are picked up late evening of day requested, unless otherwise arranged. Pickups are anytime after dark, unless otherwise arranged.

****Lawn signs will not be confirmed until payment is received. Signs and ornaments are first come first served, starting once rental is confirmed. We will do our best to substitute alternative options, but flexibility may be required.

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Date for Rental:

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Which way would you like the letters to face?

Number of Ornaments for the lawn:

Ornaments Preferred (choose up to 3):
2D Happy Faces (up to 60)3D Teddy Bears (up to 8)2D Teddy Bears (up to 18)2D Shoes (up to 32)3D Flamingos (up to 40)2D Flamingos (up to 10)2D Hearts (up to 25)2D Skunks (up to 75)3D Dinosaurs (up to 11)2D Dinosaurs (up to 16)3D Penguins (up to 24)3D Cows (up to 6)2D Cows (up to 23)3D Candles (up to 24)3D Pigs (up to 6)2D Pigs (up to 10)None

How many of each ornament, if more than one kind:

Preferred Payment Method:


Please note that a $20.00 short notice fee is applied to bookings confirmed less than 24 hours before installation. Reservations are not confirmed until payment is made.

We are doing our absolute best to keep up with emails, and will respond as soon as we can. 
Emails will be responded to within 24 hours.
Thank you for your understanding.