Serving London, Ontario & Area For over 25 Years
Most Common Rental = Personalized Lawn Sign & 25 Ornaments Delivered and Setup After Midnight So It's Ready For First Thing In The Morning.
Prices For Displays listed below
Please Note:
  • Delivery & Setup Is around Midnight so it’s Set for the morning Surprise – It stays all day until after sunset.
  • Free Delivery in London   – travel charges = $0.40/km
    Lawn Signs are larger, and two sided. They are not able to be purchased. Customized wording beyond standard is subject to additional fees.
    Lawn Banners are one sided, but they are keepsakes, (Not the ground stand), that can be written on for added memories, and are able to have as much or as little customized wording as you would like (keep in mind, the more words, the smaller the font).
    *Graphics can be added to Lawn Signs or Banners for an additional charge.

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