A reservation is not confirmed, until you receive the confirmation email. Confirmation emails are not sent until payment is received, unless prior arrangements are made.

We do our best to hold reservations, but may book to someone else if we do not hear from you after 24 hours to confirm your reservation.

We are not responsible for damages to lawns, including sprinklers. If you know of a sprinkler, please book the penguins, or 3D Teddy Bears, and make us aware that there are sprinklers.

We deliver between midnight and 2am, and on busier nights until 4am. Our routes are determined based on the pickups and dropoffs of the night. We will do our best to accommodate time specific requests, but cannot guarantee an exact time. We do our best to keep quiet during setups, but sometimes dogs hear us and ruin the surprise, or people are awake and see us.

We will not deliver to houses with loose dogs.

We only communicate through emails to reduce/eliminate errors.

If the ground is too hard/difficult to put sign/ornaments into, we will refund you 70% of the total amount paid.

Upon cancellation with minimum 72 hours notice, we will provide a full refund. Any less than 72 hours notice you may incur a fee up to 50% of what was paid.

Upon theft/damage to signs/ornaments, you may incur a fee to cover replacement, and/or denial of future rentals, including at the same house, and possibly in the same area.

Properties with a large front lawn (ie. country properties) will have the rental setup closer to the road, unless easily accessible closer to the house. Discretion is up to our installers.

A short notice fee may be applied to requests with less than 24 hours notice before date of rental, or requests where payment is received with less than 16 hours before date of rental. Discretion is up to lawnsigns.ca.

We do not allow 3D ornaments out for more than one day. If you would like to add an additional day to your rental, please pick from the 2D ornaments.

By providing payment, renter agrees to all Terms and Conditions listed above. The owner/ resident of the property the rental is set-up at, is deemed to agree with the Terms and Conditions above, unless contact is made prior to noon on the day (or on the first day of multiple days) of rental.